We have a rotating coffee selection here at Espresso a Mano.  Each day we drip brew one type of coffee, french press another to serve in individual cups, and have two espresso options.  We also have a wide selection of coffees available to brew for you in personal french press servings.  Some of our current selections:

Holiday Blend 2009:  This is a blend made from beans from the farm Finca Nueva Armenia in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  It is blended in the Vienna Melange method of taking the beans to varying roast levels and then blending them.  In the cup you taste notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.  It’s a classic round and smooth South American that is pleasing to most pallettes. 

Ndaroini- Nyeri, Kenya:  This coffee is full bodied and fruity.  You taste notes of cherry, black currant, and citrus

Finca El Puente- Marcala, Honduras:  Characterized by a beautiful, floral aroma with notes of blackberry, blackcurrant and lavender.  It is a balanced and very nuanced cup.

Finca Mauritania- Santa Ana, El Salvador:  Here you taste notes of butterscotch, pastry and sweet chocolate.  The body is sweet and rich.

Shakisso- Sidamo, Ethiopia (Natural Sundried):  This coffee offers intense berry, fruit, and a hint of chocolate.  It is bright and complex.

Espresso a Mano Blend Espresso:  This blend of South American and African beans is creamy, bright and sweet with a pleasant fruit finish.

21st de Septiembre Single Origin Espresso- Zaragoza, Mexico:  This espresso offers smooth milk chocolated, roasted nuts, stoned fruit and spice flavors.  It’s surprisingly complex for a single origin espresso

There will be more coffees added soon and I will try and keep this updated as they come in.