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Lawrenceville: M-F:7-4, Sat:8-4, Sun:8-2
3623 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill: T-F:7-2, Sat & Sun:8-2
6520 Wilkins Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Espresso a Mano is an espresso bar and coffee shop in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.  Founded in 2009, we serve fine espresso beverages and specialty coffee with the utmost attention to customer service.


Monday: 7-4
Tuesday: 7-4
Wednesday: 7-4
Thursday: 7-4
Friday: 7-4
Saturday: 8-4
Sunday: 8-2

Espresso a Mano

3623 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201